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Defend Yourself From A Personal Injury Claim

If someone files a personal injury claim against you, you want to know that you are doing everything in your power to defend yourself. The outcome of this claim can shape how well you can provide for yourself and your family, and an experienced attorney can help you secure the best possible outcome.

Here at Mark Galler Law, LLC, we have been representing the needs of the Illinois community from our office in Oak Park for years. We treat our clients like family, which means that they get the care and respect they deserve from their legal representation.

Our Knowledge Is Your Advantage

In the years that we have defended clients from personal injury claims, we have come to encounter allegations of all types, including:

  • Civil Battery – If someone accused you of causing an injury stemming from occurrences such as a motor vehicle accident or a fight
  • Product liability – When a manufacturer’s product reportedly resulted in a patron’s illness or injury
  • Slip And Fall – If someone received an injury on your premises because of something in your responsibility, such as loose spills, uneven walkways and even negligent security
  • Defamation – When a plaintiff claims that your actions injured their reputation or even their business’s reputation

No matter what kind of claim someone has filed against you, we know how to review your unique situation, build a custom strategy that protects your best interests and execute that strategy.

You can expect straightforward answers about what we are doing to protect you and what result we expect from your legal issue. We are not a law firm that leaves our clients in the dark about their future.

Let Us Fight To Protect You

If you are ready to meet with someone you can trust to stop a personal injury claim against you, contact us today.

You can schedule your initial consultation by calling 708-880-7384 or by sending us an email. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can get to work for you.