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Chicagoland Domestic Violence/Order of Protection Attorneys

Domestic Violence Allegations Can Have Serious Implications

Domestic Violence cases can have great implications on your personal life. These charges can affect your record as they may create a non-expungable offense. Additionally, you may be facing separate criminal and civil charges.

Domestic Violence charges are criminal in nature and are heard in criminal court proceedings. Orders of Protection, if filed, may be heard in a separate civil court proceeding with different rules that apply. We have experience with criminal Domestic Violence charges as well as civil Orders of Protection. 

If you have children, the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) may investigate.

Domestic Violence charges may cause the DCFS to open an investigation into possible abuse or neglect of children in the home.  It is important that you have attorneys who know how to deal with a DCFS investigation to prevent the removal of your children or your ability to be around someone else’s children. We also have proven results in helping clients resolve DCFS investigations. 

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